The role of guide flag customization
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The role of guide flag customization

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The guide flag is of great significance to the tourism team and is the symbol of the team. The flag surface is generally the symbolic color of the enterprise. There is usually a company name or company identity on the flag. Holding one in the guide's hand can not only add beauty, but also guide the team.

Guide flag production materials and production process: the guide flag is mostly made of Tapestry Fabric, and warp knitted fabric, Oxford fabric, satin fabric and other fabrics can also be used. The digital spray printing technology is adopted, which has the advantages of fast delivery, low price and high quality.

The tour guide flag is of great significance to the tour guide team. If a team has too many people and there is no team logo, the team members are easy to get separated; With the guide flag, the tourism team has its own logo. Even if it is scattered, it is easier to find its own team. The customization of tour guide flags is an essential beauty of tourism teams. The tour guide flag contains the temperament of the team, highlights the cultural concept of the tour guide team, reflects the spiritual style of the tour guide team, and shows the personality characteristics of the tour guide team, which is of great significance to a tour guide enterprise.

  • Company name: Jinteng flag Co.,ltd.

  • Company type: Manufacturer

  • Location: China,Zhejiang

  • The scale of company: 100 - 499 People

  • Registered capital: 5000000.00ten thousandDollar

  • Year of Registered: 1989

  • Business scope:   Indoor flags/Outdoor flags/Desktop flags/Handy flags Car/window flags/Animal flags/Ad flags/Chain flags/Gift flags, etc.


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